Case Studies

  • Raymond Handling Concepts

    Lead Generation and Brand Reinvention Case Study Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation is a forklift dealership based in Fremont, California and Auburn, Washington. It is the authorized dealer for Raymond forklifts in the Pacific Northwest. When Raymond Handling Concepts came to Cyberwalker Digital (CWD) the company was looking to fulfill on two primary objectives. The first … Continue reading Raymond Handling Concepts

  • The Canadian Press

    The Canadian Press is Canada’s largest news agency, providing Canadian news content to newspapers, online brands, niche web sites and broadcasters. When CP came to CWD it was producing breaking news video content, however, its customers or prospective clients had no way to preview the video content. CWD principle, Andy Walker, designed and implemented a … Continue reading The Canadian Press

  • Case study for monetizing speciality video content
    Big Brain Productions:

    Case study for monetizing speciality video content When Big Brain Productions came to CWD it had established a popular web site called, a web property focused on helpful information, video and forums to support the adult ADHD community. The web site was not generating any revenue, however, a documentary produced by site founder Rick … Continue reading Big Brain Productions:

  • JC Sales

      JC Sales is a premiere provider of wholesale inventory to dollar stores in California. When JC Sales came to CWD it was in the process of rebuilding its web site, which showcased a dollar store inventory that it marketed to retailers. CWD provided an initial CEO audit of the company’s presence on Google that … Continue reading JC Sales

  • SEO case Study for growing a regional business
    Halton Container and Purple Dumpster

    SEO case Study for growing a regional business Halton Container is a regional dumpster rental company based in the greater Toronto Area that was looking to move its marketing dollars away from costly and non-scalable pay per click ads into a more organic marketing strategy that would scale over time without significant cost expansion.   … Continue reading Halton Container and Purple Dumpster

  • Julie Daniluk

    When Julie Daniluk and her business partner and husband Allen Smith came to CWD they were considering the launch of a 90-day online course that provided students with the ability to implement Julie’s approach to healing debilitating issues and disease through consumption of selected foods.   Julie is a nutritionist and the author of the … Continue reading Julie Daniluk

  • Case study for growing an advertising based niche content site and selling it
    Tomorrow’s Gas Price Today

    Case study for growing an advertising based niche content site (and selling it) Canadian Federal Politician Dan McTeague engaged CWD (then known as Cyberwalker Media) to do an analysis of an innovative gas price prediction service that he provided to his constituents and Canadian drivers at large. This simple table of daily gas price predictions … Continue reading Tomorrow’s Gas Price Today

  • The Society International – Neil Strauss

    Neil Strauss is a best-selling LA based author and entrepreneur best known for his book, The Game, that was based on a Rolling Stone feature article he wrote early in his career. Strauss recognized an opportunity to develop his readers, who are primarily men, to improve themselves through a personal development program he developed, called … Continue reading The Society International – Neil Strauss

  • Arbor Materials Handling

    SEO case study for a materials handling business Arbor Materials Handling is a Philadelphia Materials Handling Company that sells forklifts and materials handling services to the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York markets, regionally focused around the greater Philadelphia area. When Arbor engaged CWD it was looking for two things. First, a solid search engine … Continue reading Arbor Materials Handling