Arbor Materials Handling

SEO case study for a materials handling business

go here Arbor Materials Handling is a Philadelphia Materials Handling Company that sells forklifts and materials handling services to the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York markets, regionally focused around the greater Philadelphia area. When Arbor engaged CWD it was looking for two things. First, a solid search engine optimization strategy (SEO) to improve its exposure in Google search rankings, and second, to provide staff with the ability to learn SEO techniques so that the staff could maintain its own SEO program internally. CWD provided keyword research recommendations and SEO guidance to the Arbor staff who proceeded to implement the strategy on the company web site. This led to a tripling of web traffic to the company’s web content.  The initial program was developed over a six-month launch period and then nurtured for an additional year. During this time, Cyberwalker Digital, provided ongoing SEO reporting, consultative expertise, and inbound links. source Key services provided included: Training, SEO strategy, keyword research