Halton Container and Purple Dumpster

SEO case Study for growing a regional business

Halton Container is a regional dumpster rental company based in the greater Toronto Area that was looking to move its marketing dollars away from costly and non-scalable pay per click ads into a more organic marketing strategy that would scale over time without significant cost expansion.




CWD provided services to move Halton Containers static web site into a dynamic and content-rich web property focused on the micro-niche arena of premium residential and corporate garbage services.

CWD deployed a WordPress version of the web site and provided keyword research to identify search engine terms that when optimized will provide profitable inbound leads via email and phone.

When CWD started this process, Halton Container was nowhere to be found on Google’s top four pages of rankings for key terms in important to the company’s business. Today, through a meticulous search engine optimization campaign, both sites surfaces on the front page of Google for hundreds of terms relating to its business including lead-driving terms like “bin rental oakville“, a key market for its dumpster services.

To achieve this, CWD designed a series of useful and keyword rich content. The strategy was so successful that Halton Container engaged CWD to build a second site called PurpleDumpster.ca after it expanded its dumpster rental operations by acquiring a series of new trucks.  When CWD started on the second phase of the project Purple Dumpster.ca was non-existent.

CWD adapted a static web site provided by Halton Container for Purple Dumpster and deployed an SEO strategy. After six months of operation, Purple Dumpster now surfaces on the front page of Google often In the top three search results for a series of business critical keywords in its markets.


Key services provided: Content development, content creation, content management system deployment, keyword research, search engine optimization strategy and deployment.