Julie Daniluk

When Julie Daniluk and her business partner and husband Allen Smith came to CWD they were considering the launch of a 90-day online course that provided students with the ability to implement Julie’s approach to healing debilitating issues and disease through consumption of selected foods.


Julie is a nutritionist and the author of the best selling books Meals that Heal Inflammation and Slimming Meals That Heal. She was the co-host the show Healthy Gourmet on the Oprah Winfrey Network.


CWD was engaged to design an email marketing campaign to release the course and drive sales to the first offering of the program.


CWD’s approach was three fold.  First, to help Julie grow her mailing list subscribers from 1800 people to more than more than five and a half subscribers in 90 days.


The CWD team built content for the email funnel that mimicked Julie’s warm and accessible editorial voice.  They also produced a series of audio interviews with Julie that were used in the email funnel.



CWD used a smart CRM system to identify list subscribers that were likely to buy the program and designed an exclusive sub-funnel for them. By using insider content not available anywhere else, subscribers were driven to engage with Julie’s brand and enticed to purchase the first opportunity to engage in her online course.


CWD designed, executed and completed the program over a period of six months. A list of 5000 + subscribers generated a solid five figure income from the first availability of the course. This also allowed Julie’s team to execute a second offering of the course later in the year thanks to training provided by CWD.



Key services provided: Email marketing, email strategy, content creation, copywriting, training, lead generation