Raymond Handling Concepts

Lead Generation and Brand Reinvention Case Study

Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation is a forklift dealership based in Fremont, California and Auburn, Washington. It is the authorized dealer for Raymond forklifts in the Pacific Northwest.

When Raymond Handling Concepts came to Cyberwalker Digital (CWD) the company was looking to fulfill on two primary objectives. The first one was to reinvent its brand and differentiate itself in the market place. The second objective was to use the Internet and digital marketing tools to attract new customers and hand off warm leads to its on the ground sales force.

CWD started the project by reinventing the company brand by working with company executives to determine what expressed the company’s highly people centric approach to business. Out of those conversations the “It’s not just business. It’s personal.” brand emerged. This was executed graphically in a new company logo and was deployed across all print and digital assets. The branding touched everything from email signatures to a reinvented company web site, as well as, email marketing campaign.


Inside the brand reinvention, CWD crafted a warm professional friendly editorial voice. CWD deployed a content-centric new web site Raymondhandling.com. This showcased a Learn section, which was populated by a library of helpful and informative articles that were targeted toward existing customers and potential customers. The Learn section also features industry blogs from company executives, as well as, a suite of online calculators. This resulted in a tripling of web traffic overnight. The content was also shared with social media outlets giving RHCC ubiquitous exposure across key social media platforms.


CWD also put front line staff into a showcase section on the web site called This Is Me. The idea here was to provide site visitors with insight into the people in the company. It provides an easy way to locate and learn about the people who a visitor might do business with. Each employee has their own bio page with contact information and both a business and personal bio and photograph and company awards that they have won.




The company also established a Concierge who is the go-to person in the event the site visitor is uncertain about whom to reach out to.




Across the web site CWD also deployed a series of email subscription forms that entice the visitor to sign up for the RHCC mailing list called Warehouse Innovators. A series of educational and informative premiums were offered to the visitor when they subscribed. This puts them on a weekly mailing list where company personalities reach out with highly valuable information about the Materials Handling Industry. The intention of this email funnel is to engage subscribers using a smart CRM system in order to uncover real-time needs and ongoing pain points. The subscriber experience is to receive exclusive and high quality content and the occasional promotion, which are themselves exclusive and only available to subscribers.

A highly intensive search engine optimization program was also put in place to ensure that RHCC ranks extremely well on search engines for materials handling terms and specifically in geographies that the dealership serves.

CWD also provided an on demand greeting card program that delivered greeting cards to key accounts from RHCC sales staff for seven holidays. CWD provided both the creative and design for the cards. The agency also fulfilled them so they would arrive in time by mail to the recipients.

The strategy was extended to include a series of special projects: “Sports cards” for business development reps, promotional flyers, and infographics and poster giveaways. The later two were used as premiums to convert visitors into subscribers on the email list.

A key element of the strategy was also to allow RHCC the ability to sell online. This ranged from $20,000 lift trucks through to low cost battery watering kits. Marketing staff at RHCC was trained to operate the online store, to create content, and execute the programs internally.




CWD provided phase one launch of the new web site, the web store, and the email-marketing funnel using smart CRM over a period of 10 months.

As a result of this approach the company gained 6% on its market share in the Pacific Northwest in under one year.
Key services provided: Digital strategy, web site build, ecommerce, email marketing, content creation, copywriting, graphic design, printing, lead generation, search engine optimization, video