The Society International – Neil Strauss

Neil Strauss is a best-selling LA based author and entrepreneur best known for his book, The Game, that was based on a Rolling Stone feature article he wrote early in his career. Strauss recognized an opportunity to develop his readers, who are primarily men, to improve themselves through a personal development program he developed, called the Society.


Strauss, who is a marketing guru in his own right, engaged CWD to provide the deployment of his email marketing platform and to execute the sales funnel that led to the creation of a $2.3 million personal development course available online to men.


CWD also built the society’s first web site and integrated a series of squeeze pages the were integrated into the email marketing funnel. CWD provided training and support for the technology over a period of over a year. This led to the staff being able to operate the technology autonomously.





Key services provided: Email marketing, technology support and deployment, e-commerce integration, connectivity to a content management system.