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4 FREE digital tools that will save you time and money

If you are busy marketing professional or an entrepreneur there are 4 FREE digital marketing tools, available online, that will make your life a lot easier.  Below, is a quick look at each one and a brief explanation of how it works.

4 FREE digital tools that will save your life:


1. Moqups:  Use moqups.com to create web design blueprints and charts. It helps you to create a framework to work from. Use it as a personal guide if you are building your own site. Or, give it to your web designer so they can capture your vision. Alternately, you can use Moqups to create charts and blueprints to use with your clients.

Awesome digital tool: Snagit

2. Snagit: Opt for a free trial version or purchase Snagit for a very low price of $49.95. Snagit allows you to take pictures of your computer screen. If something on your web site doesn’t look right you can take a picture and send it to your programmer so they understand what you are seeing. You can also use this tool to crop images.  (*We used Snagit for all the images in this post) Or, use Snagit it to record videos.

Bannersnack is an incredible free web tool

3. Bannersnack: If you want to create your own advertisements for the web you can use Bannersnack. It’s easy, just drag and drop. They have existing templates that you can choose from. You can also find out which of your ads are converting by using Bannersnack for search retargeting, website retargeting and contextual targeting.

4. Canva: Want to look like you’ve hired a graphic designer? Use Canva to create free and low-cost designs for the web and print. You can create everything from images for Facebook and Twitter to giant promotional posters for print.  Drag and drop everything into existing templates so what you create looks professional. A CWD favorite.

Use Canva to create professional graphic designs

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