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Purchasing an email marketing platform

Many companies don’t yet understand how impactful email marketing can be as a method of growing their business. The marketing budget for email is minimal and many businesses use inexpensive platforms such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact and iContact, to send mass emails.

purchasing an email marketing platform
The back end of an Infusionsoft campaign.

While these platforms are less money and do offer some ability to track emails sent, they are not at all comprehensive. The services they provide are somewhat limiting.

Companies who are serious about using email marketing to generate sales should invest in an email marketing platform such as Infusionsoft. It is one of the top email marketing platforms currently on the market. There is also Ontraport, Marketo, and several others. At CWD, we use Infusionsoft, so we will briefly highlight its benefits.

Purchasing an email marketing platform

What is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is a comprehensive email marketing platform that’s hosted by the company Infusionsoft. To purchase Infusionsoft the initial investment is $1,000 to $2,000 for setup. There is also a monthly hosting fee of $300 to $500 per month. (Price is based on number of email addresses you’ll be sending to and features used.)

It offers more features than most basic email marketing platforms. Here are some of its advantages:

Email automation. You can set up large networks of automated email systems. Infusionsoft allows you to easily see what emails are being sent and when. Each email you create is mapped out on a grid, which provides a visualization of the system you design.

Web forms and landing pages. You can build web forms and landing pages in Infusionsoft. You can hook them up to email or you can use the url to post the form or page online (on social media, for example). When you build web forms the information that a contact enters into the form can be set up to populate under that contact’s record in the Infusionsoft database.

Lead score system. Infusionsoft allows you to track your hot leads. Based on information such as open rates and number of links clicked or actions taken, the system will rate the engagement levels of your contacts. You can set it up so you receive an alert when a contact is ready to buy. Or, you can nurture contacts that are losing interest, or have gone cold.

Keep your contact list organized. You can upload all your contacts into your Infusionsoft database and categorize them appropriately. You can apply tags, which are labels, to contacts based on their characteristics and behaviors.

Build emails. You can build your emails inside Infusionsoft. It’s very easy to create emails and upload pictures, email headers and footers. You can add links to your emails or upload attachments. It’s all very user-friendly.

Track engagement levels. There is an entire section with conversion reports that you can review on a regular basis. It provides you valuable information such as how many people are opening your emails, how many of them are clicking on links in those emails, and how they get into your system.

Customer support. Infusionsoft has live support staff that can help you with your campaigns and teach you how to use thesystem’s features.

Templates: Infusionsoft offers a marketplace that includes a gallery of email campaigns. Based on the emails you’d like to send, you can upload a template directly into your system and then personalize it. This makes it very easy to set up email marketing funnels if you are not yet an expert.

At Cyberwalker Digital we provide free tutorials to anyone interested in learning more about Infusionsoft. If that’s you, visit https://cyberwalkerdigital.com/infusionsoft-inquiry to learn more. You can also visit http://cwd.link/infusionsoft to see a tour of the product.

Expert Infusionsoft Consultant in Niagara REGION

Expert Infusionsoft Consultant in Tampa, FloridaHere are 11 reasons why you should call Cyberwalker Media’s expert consultants to help you deploy your Keap / InfusionSoft campaigns and earn great revenue in the process!

1) We can make Keap and InfusionSoft do back flips

2) If you are in or near Niagara Falls Canada or any of the Niagara region towns or cities (we are in Grimsby), we’ll come to see you or Zoom to you during COVID-19 restrictions.

3) We not only deploy your campaign we’ll also train you or your staff on best practices

4) We understand the psychology of email marketing, not just the technical mechanics

5) We are masters at email content – our open rates run 40% to 50%

6) We’re local!

7) We partner with our clients to share the revenue. We earn when you do!

8) We know how to integrate Keap / InfusionSoft with 3rd party systems

9) We get results!

10) When we get to know you, we’ll bring you a key lime margarita pie!

11) We can count to 11!

Contact Andy at andy@cyberwalkerdigital.com

The magic strategy most rookie email marketers don’t know

Email marketing ice cream |There is one strategy that you can use in your email marketing practices that will super charge your results.

Just one simple thing.

Most people believe it can’t be so simple. And when you read the answer below it may seem counter intuitive. And you might even resist putting it into practice because you might believe it can’t possibly be true.

So what could possibly be so effective and so simple?

Here it is…

Give your best stuff away.

Really Kay? Are you nuts???

Yes, give your best stuff away. It’s what we at Cyberwalker Digital refer to it as “ice cream”. People like ice cream.

Whatever you offer that has value to your subscribers. The core of your expertise. Give. It. Away. FOR FREE.

So why on earth would you do that?

There are a few critical reasons.

1) People get A LOT of emails, so you have to give them a reason to open your emails

Think about your inbox. Which emails do you open? The ones that give you value. That fulfil a need. Make you laugh. Give you a deal. Provide you with info you need. You don’t open the hard sell emails. You don’t open ads. You don’t open dry boring material.

2) I said your best stuff, not all your stuff. 

Anything you are selling or providing to a subscriber is a package deal usually. A series of information. So when i say give away your best stuff. Give access to the most exciting 3-4 minuet video you have made. Demonstrate how amazing your stuff is. Talk about what’s in it then give it away, then debrief it. Then tell them about the more stuff. Give away the icing and get them to dream about the cake.

3) After your freebie, not everyone will buy, but many will and they will be hungry 

The best stuff positions you as an expert. It makes people think you and your expertise are awesome. It should make them feel like they have been give gold. And some of them will be willing to pay for more.  (The one that don’t are not ready or willing, but they may be in future) And let’s face it the freebie really is part of a bigger bundle. And your ability to demystify that big ball of expertise is what you are selling in the end. You are building credibility

4) Giving away excellence builds your brand

Even if someone consumes your best stuff and does not buy what you later offer, its ok because they consume and get value from the freebie and are left wanting something more but may not engage in the offer that comes later for a variety of reasons. They don’t need it now. They can’t afford it now. They don’t see the whole grand offering as necessary but they are curious. Giving away great stuff builds a perception you are good and leaves them wanting more of that. They might even refer you to someone that will also consume the best giveaway who will buy.

So how do I know what “my best stuff” is?

The stuff you have that you think people should pay a lot of money for. But note I didn’t say give it all away. Give some of it away.

When people find gold, they go looking for more. That’s when you sell them a pick axe.



Expert Infusionsoft Consultant in Toronto, Ontario

Here are 11 reasons why you should call Cyberwalker Digital’s expert consultants to help you deploy your InfusionSoft campaigns and help you earn great revenue in the process.

1) We can make InfusionSoft do back flips

2) If you are in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we’ll come see you.

3) We not only deploy your campaign we’ll also train you or your staff on best practices.

4) We understand the psychology of email marketing not just the technical mechanics.

5) We are masters at email content – our open rates run 40% to 50%.

6) We’re Canadian!

7) We partner with our clients to share the revenue. We earn when you do!

8) We know how to integrate InfusionSoft with 3rd party systems

9) We get results!

10) When we get to know you, we’ll bring you a key lime margarita pie!

11) We can count to 11!


Get a free personal Infusionsoft demo

Get a free personal Infusionsoft demo in TampaWould you like one of our staff to give you a personal Infusionsoft demo?

We will walk you through all the key features and show you how you can leverage it to generate leads and revenue for your company.

It’s ideal for:

  • Web marketers
  • Coaches
  • Authors
  • Celebrities
  • Small businesses
  • Materials Handling Businesses
  • Cosmetic Surgeons
  • Digital product or service creator
  • Anyone who wants better email marketing

Get a free personal Infusionsoft demo:

We can do it by phone or Skype or you can arrange to meet us in person.

Please email us at kay@cyberwalkerdigital.com or call 813-525-3185 to book your demo.


What is Infusionsoft?

What is Infusionsoft?InfusionSoft is a powerful web-based tool that helps you automate your sales and marketing processes. It is composed of three core features.

1) A Customer Releationship Management (CRM) tool that let’s store and track your customers’ interactions with you web site, brand and products.

2) A Campaign builder that let’s you communicate using a schedule-able time line. Send emails, build forms or trigger actions to help move them toward a sale.

3) A powerful ecommerce platform used to sell products and services online, including digital downloads.

4) The preferred tool used by the most successful email marketers.

5) A way to track people’s behaviour when they interact with your brand

6) A tool that tells you when some is ready to buy.

7) An amazing drag and drop tool that does not require a programmer to get started

8) A tool that pays its fee back many times over when you deploy the correct strategies which you can learn from us

How to make money with email lists

People often ask us – how do you make money with an email list?

All you need is

1) A thousand or so visitors to your site daily (how do I get there?)

2) Something to sell, preferrably digital

Internet audiences are more inclined than ever to buy digital goods. That includes web subscriptions, ebooks, software downloads, webinar tickets, web tools and more.

Leveraging this traffic by engaging them to register for your email list is all it will take to generate a valuable list of people who will buy from your business.


Here’s our Top 8 Tips list:

1) Give your site visitors massive value (ebook, video, hard to find tips or tricks, copouns) if they register to receive your emails

2) Communicate with them regularly.

3) Communciate in a personable and helpful tone (don’t use a dry business voice).

4) Send them valuable content that they cannot get anywhere on the web.

5) Give lots of great content and sell to them rarely and only when you know they are ready to buy.

6) Treat them like gold and they will bring it to you.

7) Be ready with a paid digital product and design a campaign that make it irresistible (we know how!)

8) Automate your marketing with a tool like InfusionSoft. (What’s that?)

Want to learn more?
Contact us at Cyberwalker Media: 416-558-9245 or infusionsoft@cyberwalkermedia.com

NIAGARA Infusionsoft Experts

Niagara FallsGRIMSBY, ONT — Infusionsoft and Keap are the only all-in-one sales and marketing solutions specifically designed to help small businesses in the Niagara Region succeed. The tool’s integrated system is used by over 30,000 users around the world to take their business to the next level of success.

If you need more information and want to find out if Infusionsoft will work for your Ontario business, then call Cyberwalker Digital, a Grimsby-based digital marketing agency, that can help you set up your InfusionSoft application as well as execute your email marketing programs that will earn you remarkable revenue streams.

Your Niagara-based email marketing experts and consultants

Cyberwalker Digital can:

  • Help set you up on InfusionSoft or Keap
  • Train you on how to use the system effectively
  • Design and execute campaigns that generate huge revenue for your company
  • Design strategies that grow your email list
  • Build your email commerce store using Infusionsoft tools
  • Help you use Keap or Infusionsoft to sell your ebook, online course, digital downloads and more

Our philosophy is you will earn substantially more revenue than you pay us. Call us today for more information or email us:

Email: info@cyberwalkerdigital.com
Phone: Andy at 416-434-6503