Andy Walker: Digital marketer, technology strategist, keynote speaker, author

Futurist keynote speaker Andy Walker - digital marketing strategist, transhumanist author, and technology expert
Andy Walker is a digital marketing strategist, author, and futurist keynote speaker

Meet Andy Walker. He is Cyberwalker Digital’s CEO and Chief Strategist.

Besides being a master digital marketer…

He is …
…technology and digital marketing strategist and runs the web marketing agency Cyberwalker Digital in Tampa.
…a futurist keynote speaker
a transhumanist author and expert
…he has authored five technology books including You Call This the Future? (with Nick Sagan) and his new book Super You.
…and he is even dabbles in hyper longevity strategies … see his off label metformin use for enhancing longevity.

Early technology and journalism career

Andy has been working on the consumer web since almost day one. He started his career on the web in 1995, still in the era of dial up. He put on the web…at the time that was Canada’s largest newspaper chain. He ran the content for Prodigy Canada, and later join the team as Interactive Media Editor at the Southam New Media team, which launched

In the last two decades, Andy has evolved from web pioneer to journeyman digital publisher. He created Cyberwalker Digital (then called Cyberwalker Media Syndicate) in 1999 to power the web with content, selling it to newspapers, websites and TV stations across North America and around the world.

Andy has launched dozens of web sites. Sold a few top tier sites he created to companies like Tucows and Gas Buddy. And became a video publishing pioneer with Lab Rats, a top iTunes video podcast that ran for 7 years. Andy was also honored with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his work in children’s technology literacy and news media digitization.

See the “Andy Walker” listing as a journalist on Wikipedia

Andy’s Career on Television

Andy was a host of the syndicated TV series Call for Help (with Leo Laporte and Amber Mac) on G4Techtv which aired in Canada, the U.S. and Australia.

However he is still seen today as a technology strategist on dozens of TV and radio broadcasts on

He is the author of five books, including the transhumanism book Super You: How Technology Revolutionized What it Means to Be Human.

He can be reached at His literary agent is Sam Hiyate of The Rights Factory.

Andy can be found on Twitter: @andywalker
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