Cyberwalker Digital is the No.1 digital marketing agency in North America. Bar none.

Did we just make that claim? Yup.

Okay, so you may be thinking, how could we possibly even know that we are the best digital marketing agency?  Well, we don’t know exactly. It would be impossible for us to understand how all the other agencies out there operate.  So, there might be some that match our level of expertise.

But by calling our own shots with the declaration that we are the best, we ensure that the actions we take on a daily basis match our commitment to excellence in our field. And we make the claim publicly so our clients can hold us to that standard.

To sum, it up in a mission statement, here’s what Cyberwalker Digital stands for as a business:

“Digital experts that help companies create inspired businesses that naturally attract perfect customers”


And from that promise, we strive to:

  1. Listen to what our clients need and combine it with our expertise in order to craft innovative digital strategies that generate ideal leads.  
  2. Be confident experts. Our team members never stop learning. We hone our craft and bring that mastery to our clients.
  3. Work with integrity. 
  4. Bring humanity to digital assets. 
  5. Have fun.

Here are the core values we work from:

EXCEPTIONALITY: Sub-par is not in our wheel house. Our team is a group of experts that uses the latest digital tools and tactics. When we work on a project our entire team has a say. We pick it apart with our clients to ensure the final product is perfection. 

COMMUNITY: Our team is spread across North America and we often work with clients miles away but we’re a team tight-knit group. Understanding our partners businesses is what allows us to excel. The more we know about you and your business, the more we can find your edge in the marketplace.

INNOVATION: We use the latest in digital tactics and our experts never stop learning.  Innovation also means doing things ahead of the curve, which means, doing things differently.  Did you know that using weird attention-getting strategies works better than any other sales tactic?  There are rules to using this methods. It’s one of the tricks we have up our sleeve.

INTEGRITY: We do what’s expected and what we say we’re going to do. We’re fair with our prices. We honor our word. We communicate when we can’t reach an intended deadline because an unexpected challenge came up. We try to be perfect with the understanding humans aren’t. You can always expect us to correct and deal with all issues head on.

INTELLIGENCE: We build smart systems that we track to ensure they are effective. This requires a deep understanding of digital tools and how they work together. Our expert team is always expanding professionally so we can deliver the most advanced technologies and systems.

BEAUTY: Our marketing assets are visually stunning.  Our designs are at the forefront of what’s hot in online trends.

FUN: When work is fun creativity flows. It’s why each individual on the CWD team has taken on jobs that truly light them up. It’s fun for us to take businesses and grow them using our expertise and tactics.

MAKING MONEY: Wait, is that a core value? It is for us.  Everything we do is about generating leads and making you money, which in turn, makes us money. In the end, it’s why we do what we do, it’s what business is about. We could leave this one out.


Our team

Cyberwalker Digital runs on a team of experts who are passionate about their digital expertise. Individually, each member is an expert in one aspect of digital marketing with a deep knowledge of all other working parts.

The company is based in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada, and is owned and run by a husband and wife team – Andy Walker and Kay Walker.

To find out more about the Cyberwalker Digital team read through their individual bios: