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Two free tools to simplify your social media

see url There are many great social media tools. But at CWD, there are two we particularly love and use frequently.


enter Two free tools to simplify your social media

Buy Zolpidem Sleeping Pills Two free tools to simplify your social media

https://nycfoodguy.com/2024/01/31/ebbxex84qn #1: Hootsuite

Zolpidem Uk Online A great social media tool that will save you lots of time is called Hootsuite. It’s a hosted social media management system that helps you keep track and manage your many social network channels.

go to link  You can use Hootsuite to:

  • Post on multiple social media platforms at the same time
  • Automate your social media posting
  • View posts from all your platforms in one place and reply to them easily
  • Receive alerts when someone interacts with your social media posts
  • If you have a team of people that manages your company’s social media they can see the activity of others
  • Improve your customer service by speeding up your response time
  • Use the Hootsuite app and manage social media from anywhere using a mobile device

Order Ambien Online Overnight To find out more about Hootsuite visit: http://www.hootsuite.com

https://www.skipintros.com/photos/98539/be4zpkn #2: Klout

source Klout is a social influence measurement tool that provides you with a rating from 1-100, which suggests your business’ influence on social media. The higher the Klout score, the more influential your brand is.

source site Scores are based on an algorithm that evaluates your brand on 400 different variables. Each one is related to your activity on social media. It tracks certain characteristics like: Ratio of reactions you generate for the amount of content you share.

http://www.kantamotwani.com/x4iubyrroc Why is Klout important? If you are as influential as Klout score leader Barack Obama, who has a score of 99, when you talk people listen. And that often relates to your credibility as an authority on a given specific topic. Get to a score of 99 and when you say “click”, people will, well, click.

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Materials handling and social media

These days, it’s crucial your materials handling company has an active social media presence. Not only does it give your company credibility, it’s also an incredible way to grow your business. You can use social media to grow your following, get more viewers on YouTube, educate the public about your business/products and communicate with your target market.

However, once again, if you are not careful with your social media strategy, you can do more damage than good to your brand. Here are some important things to keep in mind.

Materials handling and social media:

If you want to see a materials handling company doing a great job with social media, check out TPC Automation.com on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In.

https://ipaxcabinetsdirect.com/uncategorized/rhe3i0k Here are some of things they do effectively:

Post frequently on social media. Few will find you if you don’t post on a regular basis. Post often and post great stuff and they will become programmed to watch for you. If they go to your social media feeds and see stale content they may not return.

Post valuable content. Post the content you generate for your web site and email lists to social media. Give great stuff away often. If you help your audience they will come to you for assistance. If you’re too salesy you will seem pushy and self-centered. People aren’t attracted to this behavior.

Share other people’s content. Don’t just self-promote. When you post other people’s content it’s an easy way for you to grow your list. When you share other people’s content they will notice you. If they post your material to their list you will reach more people.

Make sure you have social media links on your web site: Every web site should have social media buttons that link to their company’s profiles on social media. Make sure that they work by testing each link yourself.

What social media platforms should your business establish?

To be competitive in social media you’ll want to establish a presence on the following platforms:

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. Linkedin

5. Pinterest – It’s not necessary, but highly valuable for some businesses. Female-centric products and services should use Pinterest. It is very popular among middle-aged women.

tpc automation

For each platform, create consistent graphics to your brand to dress your company’s page. It’s always a good idea to involve a graphic artist to do this work, so it looks clean and professional.

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Materials handling email funnels

Once you get set up on an email marketing platform, the first thing to do is to ensure you hook it up to the lead capture forms on your web site. That way, when a site visitor signs up on your site their contact information goes directly into your email marketing system and database of contacts.

What do you do with that contact information? Get in touch with them as soon as possible. Do not let your contacts sit there for a long time while you figure out what to do next.

Materials handling email funnels

When a contact signs up on a form on your web site, you immediately know they are interested in your brand and what you have to offer. It won’t take long before that excitement dies and they forget. So, get in touch with them immediately. If you use a system like Infusionsoft this can be automated.

The other important thing you need to do before you start sending emails is understand anti-spam laws.

Read about American email laws from CAN-SPAM at:http://www.fcc.gov/encyclopedia/can-spam

Read about Canadian email laws at: http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/casl-lcap.htm

Materials handling email funnels:

go here The two most strategic email marketing funnels

An email funnel is a strategically planned sequence of emails that is intended to produce a specific outcome. An effective one takes contacts on a journey and primes them to take a specific action. There are two popular email funnel formats, for two customer segments. They are:

1. New Contact Funnel – for people new to your brand

2. Existing Customer Funnel (sometimes called a “nurture funnel”) – a “stay-in-touch” funnel that keeps you top of mind

Here is the basic premise of a New Contact Funnel:

A contact enters the funnel -> receives a number of emails with giveaways (useful content, etc) on a regular basis -> is asked to make a purchase

Here is the basic premise of an Existing Customer Funnel:

A contact that has already purchased enters the funnel -> receives a sequence of emails with giveaways on a regular basis that prime them to continue to purchase -> makes another purchase -> continues to receive emails….

The two funnels should be connected, so that anytime a lead makes a purchase they go into the existing customer funnel. This way, they will be nurtured to continue to buy and/or or engage with your brand.

https://comercialfuentes.com/0kk8680lh A Materials Handling example of how to use email effectively:

Case study: A dealer of warehouse racking has a list of contacts comprised of warehouse managers in their sales district.  They want to use email to boost sales.  Here’s what they should do:

Step 1: Generate great content for warehouse managers that helps them understand racking and optimize their warehouse for efficiency, spacing saving and productivity about. Content could be in the form or: Articles, white papers, links to videos, infographics etc.

Step 2: Give away the great content for free on email each week.

Step 3: Approx. 10-15% of the time offer them a deal on rack. This could be a limited time racking special. It’s important to note: You want to send them great free stuff regularly first so they enjoy your emails and trust your brand.

Step 4: Once you’ve offered your contact to buy a product, contacts that do purchase should go into the existing nurture campaign where you continue to give them great stuff and upsell them once and a while on new products. If they bought from you once, chances are, they will buy from you again.

For B2B companies with largest services and products, you’ll want to use the same strategy. However, for you, it’s more about brand awareness.  Create yourself as an experts resource, so you stand out in your industry.

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Purchasing an email marketing platform

Many companies don’t yet understand how impactful email marketing can be as a method of growing their business. The marketing budget for email is minimal and many businesses use inexpensive platforms such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact and iContact, to send mass emails.

purchasing an email marketing platform
The back end of an Infusionsoft campaign.

While these platforms are less money and do offer some ability to track emails sent, they are not at all comprehensive. The services they provide are somewhat limiting.

Companies who are serious about using email marketing to generate sales should invest in an email marketing platform such as Infusionsoft. It is one of the top email marketing platforms currently on the market. There is also Ontraport, Marketo, and several others. At CWD, we use Infusionsoft, so we will briefly highlight its benefits.

here Purchasing an email marketing platform

What is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is a comprehensive email marketing platform that’s hosted by the company Infusionsoft. To purchase Infusionsoft the initial investment is $1,000 to $2,000 for setup. There is also a monthly hosting fee of $300 to $500 per month. (Price is based on number of email addresses you’ll be sending to and features used.)

It offers more features than most basic email marketing platforms. Here are some of its advantages:

Email automation. You can set up large networks of automated email systems. Infusionsoft allows you to easily see what emails are being sent and when. Each email you create is mapped out on a grid, which provides a visualization of the system you design.

Web forms and landing pages. You can build web forms and landing pages in Infusionsoft. You can hook them up to email or you can use the url to post the form or page online (on social media, for example). When you build web forms the information that a contact enters into the form can be set up to populate under that contact’s record in the Infusionsoft database.

Lead score system. Infusionsoft allows you to track your hot leads. Based on information such as open rates and number of links clicked or actions taken, the system will rate the engagement levels of your contacts. You can set it up so you receive an alert when a contact is ready to buy. Or, you can nurture contacts that are losing interest, or have gone cold.

Keep your contact list organized. You can upload all your contacts into your Infusionsoft database and categorize them appropriately. You can apply tags, which are labels, to contacts based on their characteristics and behaviors.

Build emails. You can build your emails inside Infusionsoft. It’s very easy to create emails and upload pictures, email headers and footers. You can add links to your emails or upload attachments. It’s all very user-friendly.

Track engagement levels. There is an entire section with conversion reports that you can review on a regular basis. It provides you valuable information such as how many people are opening your emails, how many of them are clicking on links in those emails, and how they get into your system.

Customer support. Infusionsoft has live support staff that can help you with your campaigns and teach you how to use thesystem’s features.

Templates: Infusionsoft offers a marketplace that includes a gallery of email campaigns. Based on the emails you’d like to send, you can upload a template directly into your system and then personalize it. This makes it very easy to set up email marketing funnels if you are not yet an expert.

At Cyberwalker Digital we provide free tutorials to anyone interested in learning more about Infusionsoft. If that’s you, visit http://cyberwalkerdigital.com/infusionsoft-inquiry to learn more. You can also visit http://cwd.link/infusionsoft to see a tour of the product.

Email marketing for materials handling companies

Email marketing is a highly under-used digital marketing tactic. And it’s powerful. You can use it to grow your list of leads and turn those leads into buyers. But, it has to be used effectively, which requires learning a few critical and not always intuitive techniques.

email marketing for materials handling companies

It’s also important to understand that growing your materials handling sales through email marketing takes time. It’s a long-term strategy and one that does not always show results immediately. (Although, when done right, it can take as little as 90 days.)

https://www.skipintros.com/photos/98539/xknf2wweyu Email marketing for materials handling companies:

If you want to increase your sales revenue by using email marketing to turn leads into buyers you first need to understand the greatest marketing error that many materials handling companies tend to make.

The No.1 email marketing pitfall

Email marketing requires a specific strategy to be effective. If you do email marketing the right way, you will produce results. If you don’t, you could damage your brand. You can also hinder your ability to use email to communicate with your contacts.

The number one thing to understand is that effective email marketers use email as a medium to:

1.Generate new leads and turn interested people into buyers

2.Keep existing buyers engaged so they are more likely to buy again in the future

Many materials handling companies are email blasters and they don’t know it. Email blasters turn people off in the hopes of landing a few sales. Read these definitions to identify which category your business currently belongs to:

Definition of an email blaster: An email blaster uses email to try to get people to buy their stuff. They don’t consider that there are different groups of people with different needs on their list of contacts. The goal of an email blaster is to sell their stuff to whoever will buy it. They send emails with no strategy and no direction. Their email content is all about them. And they send email to anyone that they have an address for.

Definition of an email marketer: An email marketer creates a long-term sales strategy that has a specific end goal. They send emails to various groups of people. The emails offer valuable content that speaks to the subscribers This builds desire, trust, and loyalty. They ask people to buy when appropriate. Their email content shares expertise that is of interest to subscribers.

If you find yourself in the email blaster camp, don’t feel bad, that is where most people find themselves. Why? Email marketing is still a relatively new form of marketing. Especially in the materials handling industry. There are only a handful of highly effective email marketers.

Many B2B companies also overlook the potential of email marketing. Though they are not necessarily selling a list of products, email can still be used for brand awareness and engagement.

If you follow a few basic steps you can easily create an effective email marketing system that helps you grow your list, generate more sales, communicate directly with your audience, and ultimately, make your company more money.

There are four important steps to follow to implement email into your marketing strategy:

Step 1: Purchase an email marketing platform

Step 2: Setup your email funnels

Step 3: Learn how to write great emails and share great content (see these pallet rack guys)

Step 4: Track your progress and tweak your strategy

These four strategies are explained in the book: Digital Marketing Secrets for companies in Materials Handling. To order your free copy of this 60-page book and receive an ebook version for free, CLICK HERE:


How to optimize your materials handling website

On-page optimization is the process by which you edit the content and the source (programming) code of a web page to ensure that a search engine identifies the page with the keywords that you want the page to represent.

how to optimize your materials handling web site

When done successfully, on-page optimization will position a page on the front page of a search engine for the keywords optimized for.

It’s not necessarily a difficult process, but it does take a great deal of time. Especially, if there are multiple pages of content that require optimization. And, the more pages you optimize, the more you increase your chances of those pages landing in the top ranks on search engines.

On-page optimization requires some basic knowledge of HTML, which is the technical programming language that makes web pages work. However, you don’t have to be a web guru to learn it. If your site runs on a content management system like WordPress, then your knowledge of HTML can be nominal.

This article will show you how to optimize your materials handling website for search engines. It will also show you examples of how an article on RaymondHandling.com was SEO’d.

get link How to optimize your materials handling website for search engines:

There are six areas on a web page that can be enhanced and embedded with keywords to optimize that page. They are:

#1:H1 tags: One of the most important places on a page that needs to be optimized with the keywords or the keyword phrase you have selected is the H1 tags. H1 tags are reserved for the biggest and most important headline on a page. Any given page should only have one set of H1 tags. These tags should be wrapped around the headline, which heads the content on a page.

h1 tag - SEO

When you write your headline there are important things to keep in mind:

1) The phrase you are optimizing for should appear as far to the left of the headline as possible. Said another way, the keyword phrase should consist of the first part of your headline.

2) The headline needs to be human readable. Anyone reading the page should not have to think that the headline is written in poor English. It should be a perfectly formed phrase that reads naturally. Failure to do so, will produce weird looking web pages that people will hate reading and search engines won’till like. However, this strategy will backfire over time.

#2: Keywords in your web address or URL: Google puts high emphasis on keywords that appear in the web address of your web page. If you have a web developer that manually creates the name of the HTML page make sure those keywords are part of the HTML file name. Each word should be separated with an underscore or a hyphen.

If your company uses a content management system such as WordPress, it automatically turns your headline into the name of your HTML file and this becomes part of your web address or URL.

The URL for the article featured in the previous example (Figure XX) titiled: “Best racking for my warehouse operation”, would be:


#3 – Body text: When a search engine crawls your page it will look for keywords in the body text on the page. The keyword phrase that you select for this page should appear several times in this text. The rule of thumb is to ensure that it appears at minimum once and preferably 2 to 3 times. One school of thought is that one of these instances should also be bold faced to show the search engines that it is important text for the page.

Watch out for SEO companies that aren’t reputable. They often engage in a practice called keyword stuffing. If the body text contains the keyword phrase too many times it can work against your site. If the Google algorithm detects this is the case, it will penalize you for the behavior.

It’s always a good idea to use synonyms. Google’s algorithm picks up on variations of words.

#4 – IMG tags: <img> tags are an HTML code used to define images embedded in your web pages. This tag tells a web browser where the image file is located on the server, as well as, its height and width and any styling information on how to treat the image on when it is displayed.

alt tag - SEO

An often overlooked parameter in the IMG tag is called ALT. This parameter is used to describe the image in the event that the image can’t be displayed. It is also used by screen readers for the blind to help describe the image.

#5 – Title tag: In the header of your HTML file all pages typically have a tag set called <title></title>. The words between these tags will show up at the top of your browser window. Or, in the case of a browser window with tabs, it will appear as the tab title. Google and Bing play close attention to the contents of this tag so you will want to ensure that your keyword phrase appears as the first few words. One top SEO expert suggests that failure to put your keywords here will guarantee that your website will not rank on Google’s first page of results.

title tag - SEO

You will also want to ensure that you use no more than 60 characters in this tag. Google ignores anything after 60 characters. So, keep your title tags short and sweet.

The content of your title tags also shows up as the headline used to describe your site listing in Google results. If the title tag is not clear, Google has been known to rewrite it for display results.

#6 – Meta description tag: This tag also appears in the header section of your HTML file. The contents of this tag are used to describe your web site in search engine listings. If this tag is not defined Google will usually take the first 10 to 15 words of the first paragraph of your body text and use that as a description in the search engine listing. You have 160 characters to play with here. Your keyword phrase should appear as close to the beginning of this text as possible.

meta tag - SEO

The killer SEO tactic the experts use: In-linking:

In-linking is perhaps the most important and perhaps the most overlooked technique in SEO. The top experts know the power of in-linking and use it to great effect.

It’s the practice of getting other web sites to link to your web site. This is really important because Google and Bing use these links to calculate the value of your web site and web pages.

A link to your web site from another site is a vote of confidence. You can think of in-linking like this: A link is like a restaurant patron that says they will return to a restaurant. Would you eat at restaurant where one customer provided a recommendation or that 50 customers recommended?

It is important that you spend some time getting third parties to link to your site. This is especially true when it comes to highly competitive keywords.

https://www.broommanufacturers.com/2024/01/31/t4722xne2gl Here are a few quick methods for generating links:

1. Find similar sites: Search for sites in Google that match keywords you want to be ranked for. Email them and suggest your content. Offer it to the them for use on their site in return for a link back to yours. Or suggest where they can link from their site directly to yours. Obviously competitors won’t link to your content, but others might.

2. Share on social media: Share great articles on social media. People who appreciate the material may link it to their sites or blogs.

3. Business listings: List your site on business listings sites.

4. Press releases: Issue press releases about new products and services to press release services. They will link to your web property. Often search engines will pick this content up and list it.

5. Media coverage: Provide your expertise to media in your industry -– trade publications or blogs or business sites. If you are interviewed, ask for a link to your web site.

6. Link bait: Link bait is content on a web site that is hard to find, provides rare information and that people naturally share. This content will get linked to from other web sites, when it is discovered.

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SEO keywords for materials handling companies

Keyword research will help you determine the keywords that your materials handling company should optimize your site for to produce the most traffic. SEO experts spend hours doing keyword analysis. This helps them determine which keyword phrases are best for optimizing a specific page on a site. It also ensures that the effort put in around optimization doesn’t result in unreasonable amounts of time and effort.

Optimizing your web site for high-value keywords can be a waste of time. Especially, if you are not a national brand. People are searching fo regional information and Google sorts content based on the searcher’s location. This is especially true when it’s a mobile search.The next section lists things to keep in mind when selecting the best keyword phrases.

https://bakingbrew.com/recipe/lsqtzyiw9 SEO keywords for materials handling companies:

seo keywords for materials handling companies

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are selecting keywords for that will best attract the right demographic within the materials handling industry:

Optimize for local. That means cities, counties and states (or provinces) that your web site serves by including the add on “in Chicago” or “in Montana” or even in a neighborhood like “in Haight Ashbury” for local businesses. If you are a national brand be sure to provide regional information, such as store locations, regional offices and the like. People like to deal with local. Support your regional reps and drive traffic to them.

Think like a searcher. Pick keyword phrases they may type in to find your product or service. Poll your local barista, your neighbors and your potential customers to help you understand how they would find you if they were searching online.

Don’t chase single word keywords. That is, unless you are patient and have a huge budget to put behind content development. And remember: No content related to that term? No traffic!

Google rewards content-rich web sites. Sites rank higher if they generate voluminous and helpful content that demonstrates that they are the topic expert. This strategy will guarantee that over time you will earn traffic from Google for all kinds of keyword phrases.

Research how difficult a keyword phrase is to win. Use a tool like Wordtracker.com. Don’t chase the hard to wint keywords. Optimize for the low-hanging fruit first then work on moving up the ranks on the more competitive keywords and keyword phrases.

A handy free research tool is Google Adwords. It can be used to find related phrases and keywords to the most obvious keywords and keyword phrases. You don’t have to buy ads to use it.

When you understand how to select appropriate keyword phrases you can share this information with your SEO agency.

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Materials handling websites: SEO

Ambien Buy Cheap Why you need SEO:

Sales experts agree that warm leads are easier to sell to. It’s better to invest time and money into generating warm leads than to spend your time prospecting, making cold calls, and attacking cold leads. The idea is to make people who want your services and/or products come to you.

At CWD, we believe it is the No.1 way to grow your business. 70% of our business comes from SEO, while the other 30% is from referrals and other methods.

You can use SEO to bring traffic to your web site for free (if you invest the time and energy to learn it and do it yourself) or for a nominal monthly fee if you outsource it. Most agencies charge per number of keyword phrases. Prices ranges from $500 to $2,500/month or more, usually with a one-time upfront setup fee for initial implementation.

You can appoint someone on your team to do SEO. However, it’s important they have the time to devote to the task. They also need to understand how to do it properly. The rules for SEO change frequently, because search engines like Google change the rules about how they rank web sites often.

Learning SEO is a moving target. What is true today may not be true tomorrow. Or, next month. And, certainly not next year. Search engines like Google and Bing set the rules. (And, if you are wondering about Yahoo its search engine is managed by Bing)

By using SEO, within 90 days, if not sooner, you’ll be getting a flow of free traffic from search engines to your web site. That’s if you execute properly.

Cheapest Generic Ambien Online Materials handling websites: SEO

materials handling
A screen grab of a lead generated from an online form on RaymondHandling.com. This person found the site from a search engine.





Hiring an agency to do SEO for you:

A reputable SEO firm will do the following:

1) Identify keyword phrases for you and explain to you how and why this is important

2) Know the difference between responsible SEO practices and poor practices, such as keyword stuffing (explained in the next section)

3) Provide you with performance assessments that show results. You’ll know if your agency is doing well if you do a search using the phrases your company has provided and you find your company on the first page of Google and Bing.

4) Get you tons of business from the web!

SEO basics: What you need to know about SEO even if you outsource it

SEO strategy is broken down into three areas:

1. Keyword research

2. On-page optimization

3. In-linking

These three magic concepts, when understood and applied, will start to produce free traffic from search engines to your web site.

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Lead capture forms for materials handling websites

A lead capture strategy is a way for your business to capture the contact information of site visitors by using enticing offers that require them to sign up. This involves expertly positioning capture boxes on multiple pages of your web site. Each capture box should have information fields that connect to a contact database.

Here is one CWD created for RaymondHandling.com:

warehouse genius


Buy Ambien Prescription Online  

Lead capture forms for materials handling websites

source How to implement an effective lead capture strategy:

An effective lead capture strategy has the following:

  1. A information capture box, with: a) A call to action and b) A giveaway that entices the target market to opt-in

2. Multiple opportunities for site visitors to sign up

3. Constant evaluation and tweaks on what works and what doesn’t.

source url How to design a strong capture box:

A capture box is a button on a website that includes fields where a site visitor fills in their information to receive an offer. To build a strong web capture box, it helps to understand what marketing industry experts agree is most effective. Here is what you need to know designing a capture box:

1. The fewer fields of information your box has, the more people will want to fill it out. Use the “first name” field and “email” field only, unless your giveaway is a direct mail piece, or you require other information like zip code or last name. The more information a contact is asked to submit, the more you risk pushing them away. Make it as easy as possible for them to sign up. You can always ask for more information later.

2. A strong capture box has a call to action. This is a phrase that stands out and makes a request of a site visitor to take a specific action.

i.e. Sign up for our exclusive email list and get “ROI secrets from the experts” sent to your inbox each week

Online Doctor Prescription Ambien 3. The more concise and succinct the language is on your capture box, the better it will perform.

4. Ask yourself the following: Why would a contact want to sign up for this offer? Why would a contact not want this offer? It will help you think like them and develop something that will attract the right people.

https://www.eastcotesignanddisplay.co.uk/zvx2u5xlei7  Give site visitors multiple opportunities to sign up:

Put a capture box on every page of your web site. The more opportunities you make available, the more you increase the chances of site visitors using it.

Diversify your capture boxes. Change up the call to action. Change the image you use. Change the giveaways. If you do this, you’ll learn what is effective. The quicker you learn what hooks the target market, the quicker you can watch leads pour in. Measure everything.

Evaluate your capture strategy ongoingly

It’s really important to track the conversion rates on your capture boxes. This allows you to understand if they work. If they don’t work, site visitors will not sign up. So, if you see this happening, you want to change your strategy immediately. If you review your capture strategy often, you’ll discover what doesn’t work and it will help you get closer to what does work.

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Materials handling web sites: Strategic design tips

Some web designers and marketing agencies spend a great deal of time making things look pretty, or making things sound clever. They sometimes forget about strategy, which is what a real web design company should be doing.

materials handling web sites: Strategic design tips

Nothing wrong with a site looking good, but a good web site should also be strategic. It guides the site visitor to take specific actions. For example, if your site has a content library, the site design should guide people to it. If you are looking for someone to help you out with designing, then check out this Graphic Designer.

click here Materials Handling websites: Strategic design tips:

Here are some easy ways to make your site stand out in the Materials Handling industry:

1. Put people on your web site, especially people who are from your company. People give your site personality. They bring warmth to a site. They help your brand stand out from other sites that are very machine-centric. Remember, ultimately, people buy from people first before anything else.

2. Use great photos, and original images where possible. Good photos give your web site depth. Stock photos you can look very generic. Be cautious of using the same magery that other businesses in your market might be using. Visually unappealing stock photos can pull the site visitor away from great content. (You know the ones, you’ve seen them: Smiling business men in board rooms.)

3. Be consistent with your brand. Develop a great logo with strong colors that represent your brand. Ensure that your site and all your marketing materials are consistent with the logo and the brand rules that go along with it. (ie never warp your logo!) A brand is designed to make its target market feel a certain way about a company. Ensure your brand delivers on an overall experience.

4. Ensure that the sections you want your site visitor to see are easy to locate. Think of the user experience. When they arrive at your site what elements do you want to stand out? What do you want site visitors to click on?

Use sliding promotional images to highlight key sections. Use pop-up boxes that entice people to click.

5. Make sure your site has a lead capture strategy: This is very important. If your site does not have an ability to capture the contact information of your site visitors, you are doing your business a major disservice.

Visitors are leads. Depending on how popular your site is, you could be getting anywhere from a handful to thousands of visitors per day. Those people are interested in your business. If you capture their contact information you can contact them to see how you can help them.

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