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How to do on-page SEO yourself

How to do on-page SEO yourself Here’s a quick tutorial that will walk you through how to do on-page SEO yourself. It will tell you where you need to place your seo keyword phrase to optimize your web pages for best results with search engines. If you want the full information and process, order our free 60-page book, called: Digital Marketing Secrets Revealed, at the bottom of this page. However if you really want to increase your online traffic with up-to-date internet marketing strategies without spending much money, webdesign499 offers Best Priced In South FL

How to do your own on page optimization


1. META and TITLE tag:

There are a series of tags in the header of each page – between the tags that contain information that describes the content on the page. The two tags you should focus on are the <TITLE> tag and the META DESCRIPTION tag.

The TITLE tag contains the words that show up at the top of your visitors web browser. They are also an indicator of page content. In other words, this is what people see when they pull up a description of your site. So, it’s a good idea to use language that’s enticing along with placing your keyword phrase here. Your page’s keywords should go in here.

They should also be the first words in the META DESCRIPTION, followed by no more than 160 characters. (Google doesn’t pay attention to anything past 160). You will find the tital tag and meta description tag on the back end of your WordPress site below the text box.

The META DESCRIPTION tag also describes the pages content and is used as a summary preview when the page is index by Google. Here’s what the title and meta tag would look like on the back end of this article.

Title Tag Example: <title>How to do your own seo</title>

META Description Tag Example <meta name="description" content="How to do your own seo? This quick-read article will give you the basics on seo.CLICK HERE." /> *Quick tip:  Put the words “CLICK HERE” at the end of all your meta descriptions. It’s a call to action that emphasizes the web searcher click on the link and go to your site.

2. URL tag:

Make sure your keywords are in your URL or web page name. Keywords in a URL are a great indicator of the page’s content so Google will use this as a key indictor on ranking the page. On the back of your WordPress site you can edit your url by clicking on the edit button beside the permalink under the page or post title. See image below for placement. As you’ll see, the title of the post and URL have the same keyword phrase.



3. <H1> and <H2> tags:

Your seo keywords should appear at least in one set of the headline tags on your page using the <h1></h1> tags. Be sure to use <h2></h2> or <h3></h3> subheads through the article too and sprinkle related keywords in these. If you don’t know much about web code putting a phrase in h2 tags is easy.

And so you are clear what h2 tags do, if you look at the bold headlines in this article, for example where it says “how to do SEO yourself” above, that’s an h2 headline.  You can size headlines easily and here’s how:

When you are in WordPress writing an article, flip over to text mode by clicking the “Text” tab at the corner of your text box (beside where it says” Visual” – top right of the screen). Then, locate the phrase you want to bold.  Put the h2 tag code around it.  That looks like this: <h2>How to do your own SEO</h2>

4. Image ALT tag:

Using one image for each page or post is essential for seo best results. Search engines look at the “ALT” tag description of the image.  Your keyword phrase should be placed in the alternative tag box. This is what the back end of the image looks like on this post.





5. Body text:
Your keywords should appear three to four times through out the body text on a page. Feel free to use synonyms. Use this Keyword Density tool to ensure the density of your keywords is done.  If you put too many keyword phrases in your text, the Google algorithm will penalize you.  This practice is called keyword stuffing.  A lot of seo’ers tried to trick the system, but Google’s been adapted to deal with this.

As you can see, it’s fairly easy to learn seo yourself. If you have any questions give us a call or order the book, which includes up to 30 minutes of free coaching.

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Materials handling and content marketing


Materials handling and content marketing

Content marketing is a marketing process that involves generating and distributing valuable content to a specific audience. The goal is to attract and engage the intended demographic with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

This form of marketing takes into account the long-standing sales approach that customers only buy from companies they trust. That trust is quickly established when a company becomes an expert — a resource for its market — and is able to solve the problems of people seeking solutions.

Thinking like a content marketer

If you shift the focus from: “how can I sell more?” to “how can I be of assistance to people in my target market?” selling products and services becomes a natural, seamless process that involves minimal sales effort.

When your company is an expert in your industry, potential business will naturally come to you. The expertise you demonstrate through content marketing removes or weakens the resistance toward a sales come-on.

It’s important to show them your expertise every time they look for a solution to a problem. That will have them come to you for many things, not just when they need to buy something you provide. A content marketing approach allows you to change your business’ overall brand conversation and establish that you are more than just another corporation selling widgets or services.

You step away from solely being the provider of a product. You become the ultimate resource.

Materials handling and content marketing

A brief explanation of a content marketing approach

Think of it this way, a warehouse manager needs to buy more rack for his warehouse. You could be one of two things for that potential customer:

Option 1: You’re the company he chooses to buy from among a selection of similar racking companies. He comes to you when he needs rack. And only when he needs rack. He chooses to buy rack from your company because his company has purchased from you before.

Option 2: You’re the company he chooses because your brand is cooler than everyone else’s. He visits your web site often because it’s a refreshing experience. When he comes to your site it’s not just all pictures of rack and prices. He sees the faces of sales and service people he actually knows and innately he feels a connection.

He found your site from a Google search when he was looking for racking design support. And he has returned to your site many times because you helped him solve his problems – even if he has never purchased from you before.

When it comes to buying rack, he doesn’t even consider any other providers. Even though your rack is a bit more expensive, he’ll get so much more from you than he will from the competition.

Good news is, you get to choose which kind of company you want to be. And If that’s Option 2 you’ll need to learn how to create your company as an industry expert.

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How to get more warm leads for your business

This article shares the No.1 secret that will turn your business into a lead generation machine. If you want to encourage more leads to seek your business — instead of you seeking their business — read this article. It reveals the newest trend in marketing towards developing and sharing great content to create yourself as an expert in your industry.

How to get more warm leads for your business:


how to get more warm leads for your business

The secret is… Content marketing

If you want to bring more business to you with minimal sales effort you’ll want to understand content marketing. It’s a marketing process that involves creating and sharing strategic content that does the following:

  1. Showcases your expertise in your industry
  2. Naturally attracts the business you want to attract because they come to you for help and guidance

The goal is to attract and engage the intended demographic with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

There is a long-standing sales approach that suggests customers only buy from companies they trust. That trust is quickly established when a company becomes an expert in their industry. If your aim is to solve the problems of your target audience, you are on the right track.

Thinking like a content marketer

Shift your focus. Stop asking: “How can I sell more?”. Start asking: “How can I be of assistance to people in my target market?”. When you think this way, selling becomes a natural process. It requires minimal sales effort.

Be an expert and potential business will come to you. And, it will be easier than you ever thought possible. The expertise that you demonstrate through content marketing removes or weakens the resistance toward a sales come-on.

A content marketing approach allows you to change your business’ overall brand conversation and establish that you are more than just another corporation.

How to think like a content marketer

Find out what the “pain points” or persistent complaints are for the people you want to sell to, and create content that solves these issues. The content could be in the form of:

  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • eBooks
  • Infographics
  • Industry reports

Share your content on social media, on your web site, or over email.

Here’s the big secret to content marketing…

You have to think strategically and/or do thorough research to really understand the pain points of the people in your target market. If you don’t, your efforts won’t be effective in generating the leads you want to generate. Sometimes, the content you do generate may even need to be unrelated.

For example, if your business is a bridal boutique that sells bridal dresses you may want to write content that solves the pain points of brides. Don’t just write about wedding dresses. Write articles such as: “Wedding planner’s money-saving secrets”, “Brides guide: Where to splurge and where to save”, “How to make wedding planning easy”. Give away things like “Free wedding month-to-month wedding planning guide for brides”.  Yes, you may sell dresses, but this content will attract the attention of your target market.

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How to turn leads into buyers using digital marketing

If you’re confused about which digital marketing platforms your business should be using to attract potential customers to your site, or you want to know how to turn leads into buyers, this Digital Marketing Lead Conversion infographic could help you:SEE BELOW FOR AN EXPLANATION OF THE ENTIRE LEAD CONVERSION PROCESS PRESENTED IN THIS INFOGRAPHIC:

how to turn leads into buyers using digital marketing strategies

Explaining the digital marketing lead conversion process:

There are 4 Phases that a potential buyer goes through from the moment they find you on the web to the moment they make contact with your business. This is mostly true of


buyers . However, buyers who NEED your services/products NOW can go from Phase 1 to Phase 4, so they are an exception.But – if you want to find your leads in your target market and turn those leads into buyers here are the digital tools to establish and how to use them:

Phase 1: Discovery

There are four digital marketing tactics you should use to have potential customers find you on the web:

  1. Social Media: Post content on social media that grabs the attention of the people in your target market and directs them to your web site, blog or web store.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Learn or hire a team to do SEO for you. SEO involves identifying specific keywords and placing them in specific areas on each page of your site. It will help your web site, blog, or web store get picked up by search engines Google and Bing.
  3.  Email Marketing: You can generate leads using email by engaging with customers who recommend you to their friends. Think of this as a word of mouth referral, but on the web.  Tip: Many email software programs have share buttons you can add to the bottom of your email so you can make it easy for people to pass along great content.
  4. SEM: It stands for search engine marketing. It’s using web advertisements that are strategically placed to drive traffic to your site.

Phase 2:  Engagement

Once a potential lead finds you, connect with them regularly using various engagement platforms. Generate useful content and share it with your target audience. Build a content library or blog on your web site. Then, write great content regularly and push it through to your audience on email, youtube, or social media.Social media platforms you should have for your business to be competitive in today’s online marketplace:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Google +
  • Pinterest

Phase 3: Trust

If you engage with your potential leads regularly you’ll build a reputation in your target market. It’s important that you find out what they want. If you know what they want you can create content that speaks to their needs. The goal here is to build interest, brand awareness and affinity.

Phase 4: Registration

When a potential lead trusts your brand and the time is right for them to buy it’s likely they will go to you. A potential lead becomes a lead when they take action by doing things like contacting you, sign up for your mailing list, or making a purchase.This is the registration phase. And it’s the whole reason why you would want to use digital marketing tactics. Don’t use digital tactics just to use them. Use them with a strategy.If you want to know more kick-ass digital marketing strategy secrets for FREE,

click here


5 online sales tactics that many businesses ignore

Working in sales today just isn’t what it used to be.  The Internet has knocked the entire sales process on its butt.  Physically knocking on doors, calling businesses, or sending out direct mail advertisements, while still effective, can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money for your business. Nowadays, you can reach thousands of people sitting at your desk typing on your keyboard sing online sales tactics.  And since many business ignore them you are at an advantage if you implement them.

Online sales tactics you should not ignore

Here are 5 online sales tactics that will help you generate leads online. Most businesses don’t use them all. Or, know how to use them together.

1) Build a content site.  No really. Not just a goofy brochure that says why you are great. Produce great content on your web site that engages your customers and shows them your expertise and teaches them to trust it. Having a web site for your business is like having a phone line . A great one creates perception they dealing with a good company. It’s like have a great knowledgeable receptionist that answers your phone and delights and helps callers. In fact, in some ways have a great web site is more important than a phone line. More people use search engines to seek out businesses they are looking for than they use the Yellow Pages (see image and article that shows Yellow Pages  decline from SearchEnglineLand.com).

Yellow Pages Decline in usage









If a consumer does a search and they don’t find you, they won’t come to you.  Bottom line: Before you do anything, get a great web site and fill it full of helpful content .

2) Produce great content. Publishing articles, blog posts, FAQs and even video  to your web site is crucial for your business.  If you  provide valuable information to your target market you build trust and become a go-to resource for your potential customers. You can use in turn to attract search engine links using Search Engine Optimization techniques (see #3). It can also be used in social media and in your email marketing.

3) Optimize Your Site for Search.  In the business we call this SEO.  Search engine optimization.  What does that mean? It’s the work done to your web site to rank it well on search engines.  If you have a web site but you aren’t using smart SEO strategies to show up in search engines well, you are killing your potential for attracting new business.   The closer you are to the top of the first page of results page on Google and Bing search engines, the more likely it is someone will seek out your business.  SEO will get you there. It gets overlooked all the time.  Read our article on if you should learn SEO yourself or hire someone to do it for you. SEO is extremely important. And you will be blown away what it will do for your business.

4) Social Media.  You can generate a great volume of leads from social media platforms.  Once again there are specific ways to go about doing this. To be competitive in your marketplace the social media platforms you need to establish for your business are:

  • Facebook – Get a Facebook page, and/or a Facebook group and start a community around the topic covered by your business. Facebook is the number one platform you should start on.
  • Twitter -Tweet great helpful content every day – from your site from related sites that help your potential customers
  • LinkedIn – Build alliances with businesses or find contact information for people you want to work with. Use it to prospect. Share what your business is up to. Share content from your website on your company page.
  • Google + – It’s Google’s version of Facebook. It’s not mandatory but some people use this over Facebook. Google also references your Google+ page in relation to your web site. It’s important for SEO.
  • Pinterest –  If you have a product or service that you market to women especially, you want to use Pinterest. It’s highly visual and the stats say women use it most. It’s also a powerful emerging platform that’s very appealing. Share great images and content.

Use social media to attract your target market.  You can create business alliances. You can establish expertise for your brand. And you can post valuable information that brings people to you. You can do it all while you sleep! (Tip: Use Hootsuite and schedule posts)

5) Email Marketing.  There aren’t many people that know how to properly email market. However, when used correctly, email marketing can turn the traffic that comes to your web site, or through social media, into buyers of your services and products. Done right it’s email selling, not email marketing.

Want to learn how to do it all?   Our Digital Fundamentals online course will train you on all five ways to generate leads for your business. CLICK HERE.